Bleaching or Teeth Whitening in Brantford

Brant Smiles Family Dental provides teeth whitening treatments for patients with stained and darkened teeth. Excessive intake of tobacco, tea, coffee or dyed beverages reduces the amount of enamel and leads to discoloration of teeth and can add an unpleasant look to your smile.

Our dentist recommends teeth whitening treatments that involve the removal of stains from the surface of teeth. Teeth whitening is both restorative and a cosmetic treatment. This treatment restores the lustre of your teeth and enlightens your healthy smile. We also offer alternatives such as take-home custom whitening kits. To maintain the shine of your teeth, constant attention is recommended and hence, our dentists will help guide you in order to ensure that your hygiene regimen is as effective as possible.

To restore your gleaming bright, white teeth, contact us now or visit our clinic located in Brantford, Ontario! 


Teeth Whitening in BrantfordTeeth bleaching in Brantford