Sedation Dentistry in Brantford

Sedatives are used in order to reduce the level of anxiety that certain patients feel in regards to dental treatments. There are many types of sedatives that may be used, they are:

General Anesthesia
Unlike local anesthesia that only numbs a part of the body, General Anesthesia numbs the whole body putting the mind in a sleep-like state. This dose is given through an inhaler or via injection. Both comfortable and practical, this type of sedative is recommended for patients with intense fear of dental treatments and for those undergoing several dental procedures in a single visit.

Oral Conscious sedation
This procedure involves the intake of an oral sedative prior to the dental visit. This sedative reduces anxiety pertaining to dental treatments and keeps patients calm and relieved while the dentists perform the treatment. This sedative is usually followed by a dose of nitrous oxide at the time of treatment to increase the sedation effects.

Nitrous Oxide and How it Works?
Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) is used to enhance the effect of sedatives for patient’s comfort. It is effectively used to relieve stress during dental procedures. The quantity of nitrous oxide you intake is monitored and controlled by a dentist to ensure your safety. The gas is inhaled through a face mask, making you comfortable and relaxed which gives your dentist added control to execute the procedure.

IV Conscious sedation
This type of sedation induces an altered state of consciousness, also known as a “twilight” state, which results in a confused state of mind and a relaxed body. The patient is able to communicate and respond to the dentist if they experience any discomfort during the procedure. The sedation produces either partial or full memory loss regarding the dental treatment performed.

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