Root Canal Therapy in Brantford

Each of our teeth carries a long, thin strand of dental pulp which is a connective tissue present in the center of each tooth. When this pulp becomes infected by bacteria it dies and causes immense pain. An infected pulp can gradually damage the rest of your teeth as well. Treatment of an infected pulp becomes essential as the bacteria can spread to the surrounding gums which can result in damage to neighboring teeth. 

Brant Smiles Family Dental provides root canal therapy that repairs damaged teeth. This treatment involves the removal of infected pulp and the remaining space is cleaned and filled. If such a problem is overlooked it might result in the need for a tooth extraction. In order to protect your teeth from further damage an appropriate course of treatment becomes necessary and root canal is customized to save such instances of injured teeth. 

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Root Canal Therapy in BrantfordRoot Canal in Brantford

Root Canal in Brantford, OntarioRoot Canal Therapy in Brantford, Ontario

Root canal treatment in Brantford