Orthodontics & Functional Orthopedics in Brantford

Orthodontics and orthopedics involve the use of braces to align your unstructured and misaligned teeth. To make sure that the structure of your teeth doesn’t cause any future complications Brant Smiles Dental Care, located at Brantford, Ontario, recommends this treatment. The primary purpose of this treatment is to reshape the structure of your teeth. For orthopedics, the main focus is on children who undergo constant structural changes in the alignment of their teeth. This treatment is the beginning of proper oral health in order to prevent structural problems later on. Orthodontic treatments can prevent complications like crowding of teeth, misplaced teeth and malocclusion. Instead of facing a lifetime problem, timely orthodontic treatment can help young people from damaging habits. Our dentists will provide you and your family with relevant information about orthopedic and orthodontic treatments. 

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