Bonded fillings in Brantford

If you need to fill in a tooth cavity (dental caries), bonded fillings are an optimal option for you. Bonded fillings are composite restorations used to fill a small part of a decayed or damaged tooth. Strong resins are utilized in order to add a natural look to your dental filling. Bonded fillings are a better alternative over metal fillings. Non-metallic fillings are undetectable as they fit perfectly in the damaged surface of your tooth.

Bonded fillings literally create a bond between the enamel and the filling that makes it long-lasting. Brant Smiles Family Dental is located in Brantford, Ontario and provides this treatment for patients requiring a solution for an injured tooth. This treatment is highly beneficial as it will protect a decayed tooth and prevent further damage.

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Bonded fillings in BrantfordComposite fillings in Brantford